Installation Services

Superior Residential Services can replace any existing system you have or we can completely design a new system for your home. We also specialize in correcting air flow problems within your existing system. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you with your next heating or air conditioning project.

Indoor Air Quality

We have the experience in treating the air that is inside your home. It is important to have a comfortable temperature in your home and it is equally important to have healthy air circulating inside of your home. Studies have shown that the air inside of our homes is up to 5 times as bad as the air outside of our homes. Considering that we spend up to 50% of our day inside of the home, why not create a healthy invironment inside. We offer products such as media air cleaners, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, Ultra Violet Lights and Energy Recovery Systems. These products are used to make sure that you have the best possible air inside your home.